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I live and work in a pretty town in Kent where I develop, odd websites like this one. I also do a bit of investing and business networking around London. You can see more of me here ... and here

Before I could turn away, she bit into the man's neck and blood spurted all over the bed. I heard the man scream and then stop as his head was swiftly removed from his body ...View
Nathan is a SEO Hit-man, his job is to move search results up or down according to his client's specifications. He had also see the politicians search results and smiled ...View
The politician pulled his laptop towards him, opened the lid and did a search on Google. It was a weekly routine of his to Google his name and check that nothing untoward was there ...View
I looked at the watch and there was a message scrolling across the tiny screen. "About time, I have been trying to get hold of you !" said the message ...View
"WOW !!" I thought "That must have been some party !". I looked for a way down. Across the roof was a raised wall with a small window ...View
Waiting for me at the back were three large men dressed in black suits. I tried to veer to the left but found my path blocked by two more large black suits. I tried right with the same result ...View
The woman walked along the sea front gazing out to the sea. She would have never have chosen ?? for a holiday but her best friend insisted that they go together ...View
"Oh nice shot !" said Liam admiring the hole-in-one. "Thanks, I seem to be on a roll at the moment !" said Andrew walking towards the flag followed by Liam ...View
Detective Inspector Don Hanson is investigating a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances of several divorced men and women ...View
Waiting for me at the rear of the theatre was my assistant, Jackie. "That went well !" I said with a smirk ...View
I dried myself with the towel. "So, Jackie, where to next ?" "The Hilton Hotel" she said "This time you're going to remove your legs" she added ...View
"That woman who died in her flat was definitely poisoned." said DS Cooper passing the autopsy report on Freya to DI Hanson. "OK, that is now a murder inquiry." said DI Hanson ...View
The two men were on the ferry going from Cows, Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and then on to pick up the Rolls-Royce, which had been driven there earlier by Keith ...View
"I haven't got any lungs either" I chuckled as I climbed out of the tub to an applauding audience. I couldn't see their faces which was probably just as well as I suspected a few might have been ...View
"Jesus Christ !, What the hell happened here ?" said the captain. He walked down the aisle hoping to find just one passenger who could be alive ...View
DI Hanson left his boss's office with a feeling of accomplishment. They had decided that the best move was to go up the chain of command and try to get GCHQ involved ...View
DI Don Hanson needed to know if the husbands of the two dead women had spoken to anybody capable of murder. The only way to do that was to 'tap' their internet and phones ...View
Sarah awoke with sex and divorce on her mind, while her husband, James, awoke with 007 on his mind. Sarah got up first and showered while James picked up her phone to see if there was a PIN setup on ...View
A few hours later Sarah woke and stretched her arms. "Morning James, how did you sleep ?" "Badly." replied James rubbing his eyes. Sarah's mobile buzzed and she just lay there without reading it ...View
It was the third time in a row that his wife had declined sex and James had counted many other times during the month when she had declined ...View
"That greedy bitch !" said one of the men sitting in the back of a black Rolls-Royce Ghost speeding along the M2 towards London, "That greedy, gold-digging tart !" he continued ...View
"Claire ... can you pop down the shops and grab some food and stuff." shouted Anton. "OK let me just finish this bit of code." shouted Claire typing away on her laptop. A few minutes passed ...View
Deborah walked into the secure workshop and looked around at the various vehicles. Some were ready and a couple looked like they had been in a major shoot-out. One of the mechanics wolf-whistled ...View
"The 'Stelvio Pass' crash report from Interpol is interesting ..." said DI Hanson to the police officers sitting in his office. "How so ?" ask DS Cooper ...View
Anton, Keith and Dillan continued to drive and watch for tails. When they were sure they were in the clear they headed to one of the secure workshops and transferred to another van ...View
"OK listen up every one !" shouted Anton. Everyone in Unit 5 stopped and gathered to where Anton was standing. "We're bugging-out, so start packing your stuff. " announced Anton ...View
"Bye Debz !" said the second man waving her goodbye. He watched her walk down the gangway onto dry land before turning around and getting back into the Jacuzzi with the others aboard the yacht ...View
"I'm sorry, I can't see how you missed that. Even the tech said it was too obvious ! OK so 10 out of 10 for taking down a bunch of villains but minus several thousand points for getting the wrong ...View
"Hey Dildo !" shouted a very foolish man in a Manchester bar. Dillan 'Dildo' Doranso was ex SAS, trained in martial arts, tactics, weapons and utterly despised his nickname ...View
DI Hanson had a great 'sting' idea. If there was a "Wife Disposal Service" operating, he would try to find it and use it in the hope he could locate the players ...View
Greg finished setting up one of the laptops. The first thing was to wipe off Windows and replace it with something a bit more useful like Linux ...View
DI Hanson decided to have another chat with his computer go-to man. The police had their own IT experts but he found that Greg explained things a lot better ...View
Greg woke up the next morning and got ready for his new life. "Guten morgen Greg." said Heike, she could speak perfect English but felt it was her duty to spread a little multilingualism about ...View
Greg had just written a zero-day exploit for Windows 8. This exploit was basically a hack that would allow anyone to take control of any Windows 8 machine via the internet and would be undetectable by ...View
The next day Jack got a visit from the police. The briefing said it was to be expected. Jack took a deep breath to calm himself ...View
DI Hanson also couldn't sleep. He was trying to figure out how people could search for ways to murder their wives without being flagged by GCHQ or the NSA ...View
Jack and Jennie were sitting on the sofa watching TV, although to be more accurate, Jennie was converting packs of Doritos into vast fatty deposits and Jack was trying to think on how to Google for a ...View
"There she blows !" thought Jack, remembering an article about whaling. He looked at his wife's huge belly rising high out of the bathwater ...View
"Good night sir." James looked up to see Suzi, his secretary, getting ready to leave along with the rest of the staff. "Good night" said James pretending to work ...View
Susan enjoyed spending time with Rachel as they had a lot in common, both loved shopping, going to the gym, fashion and complaining about their husbands, although in Rachel's case, ex-husband ...View
"I don't know what to do, I used to love him, that's why I married him but ... I just don't love him any more ... I'm still young so perhaps I should divorce him and start afresh with Tony .. ...View
"That was messy !" said the first man as he sat next to his friend in the back of the Rolls-Royce "Too many improbable things happening at the same time ...View
"Morning troops !" said DI (Detective Inspector) Don Hanson. They were police officers not troops but it was a phrase he heard his ex-army brother use many times and he kinda liked it ...View
I knew that gave me about three days to live and I knew just the person to see about getting a new pair. He lived on the other side of the country and would certainly help .. ...View
It felt very cold so I opened my eyes and saw the night sky. Some 20,000 feet above me, I could see the tiny flashing light of a jet aircraft flying overhead ...View
"Is this The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy ?" I thought noting that my dressing gown was similar to Arthur Dent's in the same book ...View
Their mission was simple enough: reverse the spin of the planet below because a passing galactic dignitary thought it looked a little odd ...View
"Oh ... wait ... it's moving" yelled David. "It's what !" said Jason wondering if his friend had been drinking his rum again ...View
Far out in the grubby back-streets of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy is a small insignificant yellow star. Orbiting this star at about 90 million miles is a small blue-green planet ...View
The man now had three problems as the line he was dangling from suffered a catastrophic existence failure. "Ahhhhh .... shit ..." cried the man as he started falling ...View
You wake up in a tub of ice with two incisions on your back and a note that reads "Why don't you have any kidneys ? what the hell are you ...View
"I have no idea" I thought, peeling off my false skin revealing a light grey exoskeleton. I sensed that some water had entered my body via the two incisions and I needed to drain it before it corroded ...View

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