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Awake on a Rooftop by Peter

Section 1

It felt very cold so I opened my eyes and saw the night sky. Some 20,000 feet above me, I could see the tiny flashing light of a jet aircraft flying overhead. I imagined how warm and comfortable the passengers would feel, especially when they arrived at their destination and lay on some foreign beach.

"Odd" I thought looking around. To my amazement I saw rooftops and to my horror I saw I was laying on top a roof wearing a dressing gown and slippers.

"How the hell did I get up here !" I muttered to myself. As was customary after a night on the town (and any other form of weird event), I did a quick survey of my limbs to satisfy myself that I had the normal quota for humans.

On my wrist was a large watch-like object.

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Alternative Section 2
By Peter (UID:1)

"Is this The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy ?" I thought noting that my dressing gown was similar to Arthur Dent's in the same book. "This must be Thursday" I thought "I could never get the hang of Thursdays !".

On this particular Thursday large slab-like somethings were orbiting the Earth. They hung in the air exactly the same way that rocks don't.

Nearly all the radar and detection systems on the planet barely registered a blip, which was rather disappointing considering the money that had been spent on them over the years.

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Alternative Section 2
By Peter (UID:1)

"WOW !!" I thought "That must have been some party !". I looked for a way down. Across the roof was a raised wall with a small window. I concluded that was the best way and walked slowly to it and looked inside. I was shocked to see a naked man in bed with a thin, green female-like creature. "Bloody hell" I thought "Is that ... an alien ?". Before I could think any more, the "female" looked my way and saw me. I froze but "she" smiled and turned back to the man on top of her.

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Alternative Section 2
By Peter (UID:1)

I looked at the watch and there was a message scrolling across the tiny screen. "About time, I have been trying to get hold of you !" said the message. I looked on the watch to see if there was some kind of keyboard in which I could respond to the message. I touched the screen and it said "Speak to type message". "Hello, who is this " I asked and my words appeared in huge letters in front of me in the form of a hologram.

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