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The Wife Disposal Service by Peter

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"That was messy !" said the first man as he sat next to his friend in the back of the Rolls-Royce "Too many improbable things happening at the same time. The cops were round my place to question me again yesterday and no doubt, they think it's just a bit too convenient that my wife mysteriously dies saving me millions from the divorce. If your 'service' is going to work, you need to find a much better way to do this. The police can't even vaguely suspect the husband, let alone us. There must be no lose ends."

"Agreed." said the second man.

The Rolls-Royce turned into a short driveway and stopped. The two men removed their golf clubs and walked into the club. A while later the two men walked out onto the golf course and continued their conversation.

The second man began: "Firstly, we need a secure, non-traceable way for potential 'clients' to contact us. Obviously things like email, Skype and web sites are out as they are hopelessly insecure and very easy to trace, but we can use things like 'burner' phones or even the new Blackphone. Dark-nets, Tor and Silk Road can be used to setup a secure, untraceable 'shopfront'. Second, we need to know well in advance when the wife is planning to divorce, so when she mysteriously dies, it doesn't look quite so convenient ..."

"How the hell can you know in advance ??" asked the first man.

"Easy !" said the second man "We monitor her internet traffic with special 'spy-ware' installed on her laptop or you can install a 'network sniffer' on the their Internet router and tell them to look for keywords like: divorce, solicitor, lawyer, husband, old fart, old scrotum, windbag, any words she might use to describe her intention to divorce and words she would use to describe her husband. She will probably talk about divorce with her best friends long before she actually visits a lawyer, so that gives us the advance warning. You can also see which web sites she visits and all her emails. We also need to install similar software on her phone."

The first man was astonished that all this was possible. "OK, how are the husbands going to know to use this service." he asked.

"We post articles on the signs of a cheating wife who could be planning to divorce. We put links to our secure shopfront." said the second man.

"OK. I know some very good writers." said the first man.

"Thirdly, we need a way to move large sums of cash without attracting attention, possibly by using crypto currencies like Bitcoin ... " said the second man.

"or we could use placement, layering and integration, " interrupted the first man "you know ... good old fashioned money laundering."

"Yup, that too ! and lastly, we need more people to carry out the hits, hack servers and write malicious software." continued the second man.

"OK" said the first man "How much and how long ?"

"Some of it can be readied very quickly, I'll get back to you about the rest." replied the second man.

They were about to tee off when they were approached by another man carrying golf clubs.

"Our first customer, perhaps." said the first man.

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Alternative Section 4 - "Chapter 3 - The first test run"
By Peter (UID:1)

"I don't know what to do, I used to love him, that's why I married him but ... I just don't love him any more ... I'm still young so perhaps I should divorce him and start afresh with Tony ... who did your divorce ? ... oh, I think I've heard of them ... how much did it cost ? ... I'll Google them now, bye Rachel, bye".

Susan hung up, picked up her coffee and walked to the table. She pulled her laptop closer and typed "divorce solicitors in london" into Google which responded with a long list of solicitors. Susan studied the list carefully.

Deep inside her laptop a spy-ware program scanned the stream of data flowing through her internet connection. In one stream of data it saw the words 'divorce' and 'solicitor' and sent the whole conversation to an unnamed server in Sweden that had been hacked a few weeks before.

The front door opened and slammed closed. "I'm home honey !" said Harold.

Susan quickly shut the lid on her laptop and went to greet her husband, "So, how was golf ?" she asked, pretending to be interested.

"It was great, I chatted with the guys and we went for a pint afterwards. I'm just going upstairs ... " said Harold climbing up the stairs.

Susan watched her husband's pot belly wobble up the stairs and made up her mind. She grabbed her iPhone and typed "Iv decided 2 divorce harold catch up tomorrow at gym". She paused, they had had some good times together but that was a long time ago. Over time Harold had become more and more supplicating and passive wheres Tony was always challenging her. She pressed 'send' and the text message left her phone to the nearest cell tower and on to Rachel's phone. Unknown to Susan, a copy of that message ended up on the hacked server in Sweden courtesy of the spyware program running in her phone.

Every device on the Internet (laptop, PC, Mac, smart phone, server) has a unique number assigned to it called an IP address and it's quite possible to trace the location of those devices by that number. The Tor network allows you to use the internet anonymously. It does this by bouncing your internet data around different servers in different countries making the process of tracing your IP address almost impossible.

Another server on the Internet used Tor to download an encrypted file from the hacked server in Sweden and after a few calculations, passed the results onto a smart phone in England. The owner picked it up, entered the PIN and read "Target 26: Divorce probability 91%. Click link for more info".

The owner dialed and said "We have our first target, is everything in place ? are we using the car-hack again ? ... OK, but we need to find other methods, must remember to short the stock of the car manufacturer ... OK Begin." he put the phone down and carried on working.

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