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The Wife Disposal Service by Peter

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"OK listen up every one !" shouted Anton.

Everyone in Unit 5 stopped and gathered to where Anton was standing.

"We're bugging-out, so start packing your stuff. " announced Anton.

"What does bugging-out mean ?" asked Greg wondering if it had anything to do with insects.

"It means we are leaving this place very quickly and going somewhere else." said Heike.

"Why ?" asked Greg.

"Debz was being followed and had to take extreme measures, so there is a risk that all the units have been compromised. OK, lets go !" said Anton.

"Are we likely to be watched ?" said Heike.

"It's unlikely but a few distractions are in effect so that should help." said Anton.

Everyone started to pack their stuff. Greg helped the other black-hats shut down the servers, unplug them and put them in specially made cases. Greg realised that they had done this many times before.

After a few minutes almost everyone had packed. The experienced ones kept very little with them and often kept much of that packed just in case. Greg on the other hand hadn't done this before so found the whole process a bit overwhelming. Heike noticed Greg wasn't quite ready and helped him pack the last of his clothes in to his bag.

"OK, geeks to the roof with the gear, Heike stay with them, field-ops down stairs." shouted Anton.

"The roof !!, why the fuck are we going to the roof ??" said a very confused Greg.

"Don't worry, it's all planned. Just follow me." said Heike picking up a large case. "Claire, lead the way."

Claire picked up her stuff and one server case and marched out of the apartment. Greg and the others did the same and followed her.

Keith, Dillan and Anton marched out of the empty apartment, shut the door for the last time and went down the stairs to the car park. It was standard procedure to keep renting apartments long after vacating to see if anyone tried to enter, like the police. The hidden sensors would alert them to any visitors.

"OK, just put the kit here." said Heike as she and the others got to the roof. Anton and his group drove out of the under-ground car park in a large black van.

"So, what, are we going to be picked up by hot air balloon ?" said a very confused Greg.

"Well, there is plenty of hot air coming from you !" sneered Claire.

"Fancy another swim ?" sneered Greg in return.

Greg turned to Heike and asked "Why aren't the field-ops coming with us ?"

"Because if there is anybody watching, they will see them drive out first and follow them. They have the training and resources to take care of them selves." said Heike.

They put down their bags and cases, sat on them and waited. It was getting dark so the city lights made an amazing spectacle from their high vantage point. Heike switched on a flashing beacon and pointed it upwards.

“Whats that for ?” asked Greg.

“Wait and see.” said Heike.

They waited.

A helicopter duly landed on the roof and they loaded their stuff on board, got in themselves and the helicopter took off. Greg had never been in a helicopter before and found it to be exhilarating. Heike had flown many times before while in the Bundeswehr (German Army) and found it rather boring. The helicopter took off and started to fly over the Thames estuary.

"Jason, can you slide the door open a bit and look behind to see if we're being followed." said Heike.

"Err ... OK" said Jason sliding the door open and wondering if this helicopter was fitted with radar. As he poked his head out, Heike drew her pistol, fitted the silencer and shot him through the back of the head. He dropped lifeless on to the floor.

"What the fuck !!" yelled Greg, Claire and a few others wondering if they were next.

Heike pulled a thick chain out of a bag and fixed it to Jason's belt. She grabbed his ankles and pushed him out of the helicopter into the water a few hundred feet below. The heavy chain on his belt would ensure he sank to the bottom and stayed there for a very long time.

"He was informing the police of our activities, " said Heike disturbingly calmly " so today he is fish-food."

The helicopter continued on it's way while it's passengers sat in silence.

"Are we being followed ?" asked Anton.

"Nothing yet." said Dillan peering out of the back window.

"I can't see any police on the scope. we might have a clean get-away." said Anton staring at the 'pig' radar intently. The van turned left.

"Oh wait, I can see a car turning left towards us." said Dillan.

"OK, lets do another check." said Anton. The van turned left again.

"Yup, he is still following us." said Dillan.

"So, they are tailing us despite all the distractions we setup. They must be quite serious then. Drive towards a bridge or any other dark place." instructed Anton sliding a cover back between the two front seats to reveal a touch panel.

"There's a railway bridge about a mile ahead." said Keith.

"That will do." said Anton touching 'Disguise' on the panel and looking down a list of colours and number plates.

"A few more minutes 'til we get there. What's that gonna do ?" said Keith looking at the touch screen.

"Patience ! you're gonna love it." said Anton pulling out two long blond wigs and handing one to Keith.

"We're still being followed." confirmed Dillan.

The bridge came into view.

"OK when you go under the bridge turn left, go a few yards, stop by the curb and put on the wig. This should be fun !" said a slightly excited Anton.

"WHAT !" shouted Dillan and Keith.

"Have a little faith. This van has had a few 'additions' built into it." said Anton.

As the van went under the bridge, Anton pushed 'Green' on the panel and they put on their wigs.

Keith turned left and parked the van by the curb. A few seconds later the tail turned left, drove towards them and then right past them.

"What the fuck just happened ??" said a very confused Keith.

"It's easy. They are looking for a black van ... and we are now sitting in a green van with a completely different registration number and occupants !" said a very proud but relieved Anton.

"OK, I get the wigs and I know how the reg number thing works, but how the fuck did we change colour ?" said Keith.

"Paramagnetic paint. Our geeks have been working on it for a while." said Anton "I've been dying for a chance to try it out." he continued.

Keith opened the door, jumped out and looked at the now green van. Dillan followed suit.

"It's doing some pretty weird shit back here !" said Keith pointing at the rear wheel arch that was flickering between green, red and black.

"That's probably a lose wire." said Anton getting out. He felt under the wheel arch, found a small wire and pushed it back onto it's terminal. The wheel arch stayed green.

"OK get back in, lets go. It won't be long until they return for a more detailed search." said Anton.

They drove off and after a few miles they went under another bridge.

"We're now driving in a red van." announced Anton.

"I so fucking love this ... but why do you change colour under bridges ?" asked Keith pushing his face to the windscreen so he could peer down at the now red bonnet.

"The colour change is less noticeable to other people in the dark and we want to keep this a secret for a long as possible." said Anton.

"Cool. Do we get to meet the guys who did this, I would so love to buy them a beer or two." said Dillan.

"Well, when we re-form, thank Greg and Claire because they hacked into the paint developer's systems and got a lot of technical details for the others." said Anton.

"So, where is our new place. As I'm driving there I might need to know !" asked Keith.

"You're gonna love it !" said Anton.

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Alternative Section 25 - "Chapter 14 - Quick Job"
By Peter (UID:1)

Anton, Keith and Dillan continued to drive and watch for tails. When they were sure they were in the clear they headed to one of the secure workshops and transferred to another van. The old van would be re-furbished, re-sprayed, upgraded and kept out of circulation for a while. The new van had been fitted with all the latest gadgets and gizmos.

"How the fuck is that even possible !!!" exclaimed Dillan reading one of the spec sheets that came with the van. The guys went through the specs and tested some of the new features.

"I can't wait to try this out on a job !" said Keith.

Anton's phone rang.

"OK, we will get right on it as soon as we're setup" said Anton "OK, lets go, Keith, head towards Tower Bridge train station".

"Are we going on a train ride ?" Asked Keith.

"Nope ! have patience. We have a job waiting for us so best get a move on." said Anton.

Keith drove round the back of the station and the main entrance of The Shard.

"OK stop here." said Anton "Keith stay here, Dillan you're with me."

Keith watched in amazement as Anton and Dillan walked into the Shard's main entrance. He saw the pair of them walk back out a while later looking very excited.

"OK, lets unload the van and take the gear to our new home. When we're unpacked, we have a quick but potentially messy job to do." said Anton.

"Can't it wait until we're ready ?" enquired Keith.

"No, the husband is prepared to pay 30 million quid to get un-wifed before the end of the day." said Anton.

"That's very short notice ... so how do we approach this ?" asked Keith.

"Well, we don't have the normal sophistication because the geeks aren't here yet, so this will have to be a simple hit-and-run job. The husband is a gangster so we could pretend his wife got hit in the cross-fire between gangs. Dillan, research who his enemies are so we can pretend to be one of them, that should give the police a juicy target. Keith work out various escape routes where we can utilise our new 'toys'. He has paid us half ... in diamonds ! I have no idea how we're going to move those !" said Anton

The three of them got to work.

"OK, the gang boss and his wife have been invited to a function few miles away. I suggest we fake a bust of automatic fire into the car, hitting the wife but missing the husband. Dillan, do you know of a sniper rifle that fires the same round as an automatic weapon ?" asked Anton.

"At what kind of range ?" asked Dillan.

"About fifty yards, " replied Anton.

"But at that range you would be better of using the old British LMG " replied Dillan.

"LMG ?" said a slightly confused Keith.

"Light Machine Gun. It looks like the old Bren gun from World War Two, curved magazine on top, sights on the side, fires a standard 7.62 round ... my point is that it was too accurate to be useful as a machine gun because they are designed to put rounds in an area, not a specific point like a rifle." said Dillan.

"Ah I remember those !" said Anton.

"The LMG can be switched between semi-automatic and automatic. So, we switch the LMG to semi-automatic and fire one round through the windscreen to kill the wife, a few near the husband to make it look good and then fire a burst of automatic fire harmlessly around the rear of the car, it must look and sound like they were machine-gunned by another gang and the husband was very lucky not to get hit." said Dillan.

"Oh that is brilliant in it's simplicity !" said Anton. "I think we have an LMG in one of the weapon hides."

"Why are we hitting her ?" asked Dillan.

"Because her husband is paying us 30 mil." said Anton.

"No, I mean why does he want her dead ?" asked Dillan.

"She has been screwing a rival gang's boss and passing info." said Anton.

"Any reason why we only target women ?" asked Keith.

"It started out like that but we have hit quite a lot of men too." said Anton. The three of them walked out of the apartment.

Meanwhile at the gangster's house.

"Are you ready ?" shouted Bruce.

"Hang on, I'm still picking out a Gucci bag to go with me shoes" shouted Candice.

"We're already late, so come on !!" shouted Bruce getting more angry.

"OK, lets go." said Candice walking down the stairs, her huge fake boobs almost overflowing out of her dress. They both got into his car and drove off.

"And this time, stop swearing, we will be in polite company and I want to give a good impression !" instructed Bruce.

"Oh who gives a fuck about those toffs, I'll say what ever I please !" said Candice displaying all the style and sophistication of a road crash.

"You can take the woman out of the sewer but you can't take the sewer out of the woman." said Bruce.

"Oh fuck ..." Candice was interrupted by a loud crack and a small hole appeared in the windscreen.

"What the ... " shouted Bruce as more rounds entered the car making a cracking sound followed by a thumping sound. He briefly saw some muzzle flash coming from a red van parked a few meters ahead. He couldn't see the occupants because of some strategically placed boxes.

He swerved and a burst of machine gun fire tore into the rear of the car. He quickly remembered about the hit he had ordered on his wife, who was now slumped in her seat with a small hole in her head. He turned right, straight into oncoming traffic and crashed the left side of his car into a taxi just to make sure she was dead.

The occupants in the red van closed the doors, pulled out and sped up the road. Bruce pulled out his phone and texted "red van". He climbed out half pretending to be dazed and shocked.

"Job done !" said Dillan removing the magazine from the LMG. He cocked it, picked up the round that had just been ejected and pushed it back into the magazine.

"OK, head for the nearest ... " Anton was interrupted by a burst of automatic fire tearing into the back of the van spraying everyone with glass. Even though light armour was standard on their vehicles, some rounds got through the small rear windows.

"Shit ! the police couldn't made us that quickly !" shouted Keith.

"The police would never use automatic weapons on a public road, I suspect it's our gangster client trying to save himself 15 million." said Anton.

The van swerved as the two rear tires got hit and semi-deflated. The tires weren't bullet-proof but could still be driven for a short distance with no air in them.

"Quick ! I've got an idea ... play possum. Keith; when I say 'NOW' pretend to crash on the left side of the road. Dillan; get ready to let rip when they come into view !" shouted Anton. Dillan lay back down on the floor, put another magazine onto the LMG, put the butt into his shoulder, cocked it and waited.

They turned a corner with the gangster car a few yards behind. On the passenger side of the car one of the gangsters was shooting at them with a sub machine gun.

Some 9mm rounds slammed into the rear of the van.

"NOW" shouted Anton. Keith turned left, grazed a parked car and stopped. The crash had to look realistic to fool the gangsters behind that the occupants had been hit. Anton leapt into the rear and opened the doors just as the gangster's car came into view. Dillan emptied all thirty two armour-piercing rounds into the car which swerved left, scraping along several parked cars before crashing into the back of their van, spraying glass and one dead gangster all over Anton and Dillan.

"Keith - GO !!" shouted Anton shoving the deceased gangster out of the back and closing the rear doors. The tires screeched as Keith floored the accelerator and the van sped away.

"Shit !! I think the van is damaged !" said a concerned Keith.

"Why whats wrong ?" asked Anton.

"The van is rapidly changing colours, I think they hit the computer !" said Keith looking the van's dazzling multi-coloured reflection in the passing shop windows.

"Shit, we can't stay unnoticeable with that psychedelic light show going on !" said Keith feeling around the back of the touch panel. He pulled some wires. There was a shower of sparks, the screen went blank and the van went back to it's normal boring black.

"It's an interesting effect though." said Dillan "Perhaps we could use it to hypnotise the local women into having sex with us !"

"OK, we need to do things the old fashioned way and get back to the secure workshop as fast as possible. The local fuzz will be all over this very soon." said Anton picking a piece of glass out of his arm.

"This attack doesn't make any sense !" said Dillan "That gang must know it isn't just us three, they must know there are others."

"It doesn't make sense to me either so lets just be extra careful." said Anton.

"Hang on guys. I'm getting a 'Device Attached' warning !" shouted Keith looking at the red light on the dash.

"OK stop here, I'll check the van." said Anton.

Keith stopped the van and Anton got out. "Cheeky bastards !!" said Anton pulling a GPS tracker from under the wheel arch and attaching it to the side of a passing bus.

"OK, lets go." said Anton jumping back in.

"So one of the reasons for the attack was to distract us and plant that tracker !" said Dillan.

"I guess so, which means we now have the added complication of another group to worry about along with the police !" said Anton.

A while later some mechanics finished their tea and walked to the main workshop area to be presented with a bullet-holed black van with two shredded tires and covered in blood and guts. Under the windscreen wiper was a note that simply said 'Oops !'.

"Jesus ! what happened to you guys !" said a very concerned Greg looking at the blood-soaked trio as they walked into the new apartment.

"Just another hard day at the office !" said Anton calmly.

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