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The Hitch-Hikers Guide to Time Travel by Peter

Notes: Bit like HHGTTG

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"Oh ... wait ... it's moving" yelled David.

"It's what !" said Jason wondering if his friend had been drinking his rum again.

"Jesus, it's growing legs now !" said David wondering if he had drunk too much of his friends rum.

"Get a sample and I'll pull you up" said Jason, wondering if there might be a Nobel prize in it.

"OK" said David, scraping some of the damp goo from the Martian rock face.

"OK, pull me up !" said David. After a few seconds nothing happened.

"Jason ... wake up !!" shouted David through the communication unit.

"Ja ... what !!" said David as Jason flew down past him hitting the canyon floor below.

"Errrrm ... what the hell do I do now ?" though David dangling half way down a Marian rock face with no one to winch him up.

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