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The Wealth Protection Service by Peter

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The woman walked along the sea front gazing out to the sea. She would have never have chosen ?? for a holiday but her best friend insisted that they go together. She wondered along the sea front while her friend enjoyed some retail therapy. She noticed a couple walking towards her. The women was quite attractive and in her 30s, the man was about the same age and build as her deceased husband. The three smiled at each other as they past by.

"God ! He looks just like my husband !" she thought as she looked into his eyes. The man looked startled and quickly looked away. The memories of her husband's strange disappearance came flooding back. She had always intended to be free of him, but not like this. She remembered the endless on-line chatting to close friends about her desire to leave him and how much she could get from the divorce settlement. It's strange how things turned out, she was free of him and, unfortunately, his money too.

She made her way to the shopping center to meet up with her friend.

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Alternative Section 3 - "The Wealth Protection Service - Chapter 02"
By Peter (UID:1)

"Oh nice shot !" said Liam admiring the hole-in-one.

"Thanks, I seem to be on a roll at the moment !" said Andrew walking towards the flag followed by Liam.

"I guess you are also referring to that lovely young women you've been dating for the last few months ?" enquired Liam.

"Oh yes, she's been great. We get on so well." he said with a smile.

"Where did you two meet ?" asked Liam.

"On some sporty dating site. We're thinking of getting married." he announced.

"Congratulations !" said Liam "Are you getting a pre-nup ?" he added.

"A pre-nup !!" exclaimed Andrew "She's a nice girl and it would tarnish our relationship ... not to mention the issue of trust"

"You need to protect your wealth. I'm a lawyer and I see it played-out all the time: Nice young woman marries wealthy old man, young woman gets bored, starts sleeping around, divorces man and ends up with half his stuff" Liam explained.

"As an experienced lawyer, I urge you to reconsider" said Liam.

"No, it just doesn't feel right .. so thanks, but no thanks. I'm not even convinced pre-nups work in UK." said Andrew.

"Well, OK. But for your peace of mind we do offer a special, discrete service for people like your self."

"What kind of service ?" enquired Andrew as he took a swing with his club.

"It will alert you if she gets bored and starts 'wondering around'" said Lian. "Totally discrete, she will never know." he added watching Andrew's ball fly through the air and land very near the next hole.

"OK, that sounds interesting." said Andrew "... and what happens if she does start to 'wonder' ?"

"Why don't we meet somewhere else so we can disscuss it in more detail." said Liam.

"And how can you know if she's starting to get bored ?" Andrew enquired.

"I can't discuss too much without a signed NDA. We have many methods but one method is to scan their social media profiles and run their posts, likes, group photos and friend-requests through some very sophisticated AI." Liam explained.

"Oh !" exclaimed Andrew "AI meaning Artificial Intelligence ?" he added.

"Yes. If we find she is starting to 'wonder' we can step things up a bit more." Explained Liam.

"Like what ?"

"Lets meet and after you have signed the NDA, we can go into more detail."

The two men continued their golf game and went into the bar.

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