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An airliner carrying long-dead passengers by Peter

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"Jesus Christ !, What the hell happened here ?" said the captain.

He walked down the aisle hoping to find just one passenger who could be alive. He goes back to the cockpit and tells the co-pilot about the long-dead people in the back.

"They're all dead" said the captain in disbelief "How could they all die and how come some are just skeletons ?" he added "We've only been in the air for two hours !"

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By swordfish (UID:12)

"It must have been that weird green thunderstorm we flew through a while back. I read a while back that they can affect time on any metallic body near by" said the co-pilot.

"Where on Earth did you read that ?" said the Captain thinking his co-pilot was smoking pot.

"Oh The Sirius Science Journal" said the co-pilot "They also had some great articles on Anti-matter power systems and Warp drives" he added. A cold dread crept over him as he realised his stupid mistake. Was his cover blown ? he thought how he could get out of this one.

"The what ?" asked the captain, now totally convinced his co-pilot was off his rocker.

"Oh it just a joke" said the co-pilot hoping this take the captain off the scent. He enjoyed working under cover on this primitive planet and was quite eager to not blow his cover until it was time to return.

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