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The Wealth Protection Service by Peter

Section 1

Detective Inspector Don Hanson is investigating a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances of several divorced men and women.

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Alternative Section 2 - "The Wealth Protection Service - Chapter 01"
By Peter (UID:1)

The woman walked along the sea front gazing out to the sea. She would have never have chosen ?? for a holiday but her best friend insisted that they go together. She wondered along the sea front while her friend enjoyed some retail therapy. She noticed a couple walking towards her. The women was quite attractive and in her 30s, the man was about the same age and build as her deceased husband. The three smiled at each other as they past by.

"God ! He looks just like my husband !" she thought as she looked into his eyes. The man looked startled and quickly looked away. The memories of her husband's strange disappearance came flooding back. She had always intended to be free of him, but not like this. She remembered the endless on-line chatting to close friends about her desire to leave him and how much she could get from the divorce settlement. It's strange how things turned out, she was free of him and, unfortunately, his money too.

She made her way to the shopping center to meet up with her friend.

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