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Awake on a Rooftop by Peter

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"WOW !!" I thought "That must have been some party !". I looked for a way down. Across the roof was a raised wall with a small window. I concluded that was the best way and walked slowly to it and looked inside. I was shocked to see a naked man in bed with a thin, green female-like creature. "Bloody hell" I thought "Is that ... an alien ?". Before I could think any more, the "female" looked my way and saw me. I froze but "she" smiled and turned back to the man on top of her.

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By Peter (UID:1)

Before I could turn away, she bit into the man's neck and blood spurted all over the bed. I heard the man scream and then stop as his head was swiftly removed from his body. "Shit !" I thought and ran along the rooftop as fast as one could wearing slippers. Behind me I heard the window break suggesting the weird alien woman was after me now.

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By Broo-Z (UID:10)

Then the man looked up, saw me peering through the window and yelled

"Hey ! what's your problem pal !" he jumped up from the bed, pushing the weird women to the floor, and ran to the window.

I was so shocked by his sudden movement that I lost my footing and slid down the roof, displacing a few tiles, and stopped at the guttering.

"Phew, that was close" I thought as the guttering broke and I continued my downward fall. Luckily the roof wasn't to high and I landed back-first on a roof of a car parked there.

"Have an accident ?" enquired a passer by.

"No thanks, I've just had one" I replied. I looked up toward the roof and saw the man and the weird women looking down at me.

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By John D Wood (UID:14)

"That will be £10,000" she announced, holding out two of her three hands.

"Well worth it !!" said the man pulling out his credit cards from his trouser pocket. "Can I get a receipt too ?" he asked.

"Seriously !" she exclaimed. "You want to write me off for tax reasons !!"

"Err ... yes" the man said wondering if that was the right answer.

"OK" she said, pushing a button on her leg a small, inch-wide receipt appeared from a small slot underneath the button.

"WOW, these new alien sex-robots are amazing" thought the man rolling out of bed.

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