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No Kidneys and two scars by Peter

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"I haven't got any lungs either" I chuckled as I climbed out of the tub to an applauding audience. I couldn't see their faces which was probably just as well as I suspected a few might have been laughing at various body parts. I walked towards the audience still dripping wet and naked. I went down some stairs and then up the centre aisle shaking hands with anyone who offered.

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By Peter (UID:1)

Waiting for me at the back were three large men dressed in black suits. I tried to veer to the left but found my path blocked by two more large black suits. I tried right with the same result. I resigned myself to being bundled into a black SUV and disappeared.

"Hi" I said hoping my cheeriness would help my fate.

"Come with us" said one of the men in a black suit.

"Why ?" I asked, "What did I do ?"

I was grabbed by the other two and bundled into a black SUV.

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Alternative Section 3
By Peter (UID:1)

Waiting for me at the rear of the theatre was my assistant, Jackie.

"That went well !" I said with a smirk.

"It sure did, only three people laughed at your tiny dick this time! Lets get you back into the bus." she said, wrapping me in a towel.

We both left by one of the side entrances and into the bus.

"Did you get the money ?" I asked.

"Yup, all 1.5 million" she said, showing me the bag of loot.

"Great, lets get the hell out of here".

Jackie started the bus and we drove off and joined the London traffic.

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