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The Wife Disposal Service by Peter

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"There she blows !" thought Jack, remembering an article about whaling. He looked at his wife's huge belly rising high out of the bathwater. When he first met her she was a lovely buxom blonde but now she was 25+ stone and he was wondering what to do with her.

"Lay her on her back and use her as a bouncy castle ?" he thought as he brushed his teeth and got ready for work.

A few miles away a hacker was browsing a list of hacked servers for sale. Even though these are owned by other people or corporations, hackers had found a way in and would sell the access details to other hackers. He spots one owned by some divorce lawyers, "Oh the irony !" he thought as he fired-up his Bitcoin wallet to pay for it.

A few hours later, when Jack finished work he walked through the front door and was greeted by his huge wife. "Notice anything ?" she asked.

"You've put on another stone since breakfast ?" thought Jack "Good grief, she is just one meal away from needing her own postcode."

"Look I've had my hair cut, cute huh ?" Her hair had been cut very short and cropped on one side.

"Nice." lied Jack, "Fucking grotesque !" thought Jack.

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Alternative Section 10 - "Chapter 5 - Target 31"
By Peter (UID:1)

Sarah awoke with sex and divorce on her mind, while her husband, James, awoke with 007 on his mind. Sarah got up first and showered while James picked up her phone to see if there was a PIN setup on it, there was and he put it down.

James got ready for work and went outside to the awaiting car while Sarah got herself ready for her new man - she had much to tell him but first a quick Skype session with her friend. She lifted the lid on her laptop and could see her friend was online.

"Hi Wendy" she typed.

"Hey babes hows things ?" replied Wendy.

"Oh wonderful my man will be round soon to fuck my brains out" replied Sarah.

"oh lucky you" replied Wendy.

"and im divorcing james !" replied Sarah.

"wow thats a bit sudden !" replied Wendy.

"iv been thinking about it for ages i wonder how much ill get" Sarah smiled as she typed, oblivious to the fact the laptop in the cellar was intercepting her conversation. The words 'divorcing' and 'james' triggered something and it started forward the entire conversation to a compromised server thousands of miles away in South Africa.

A while later the first man in the Rolls-Royce read "Target 31: Divorce probability 82%. Click link for more info" on his mobile. James read the same message on his 'burner' phone and clicked the link to see the whole conversation that his wife had had a couple of hours ago with Wendy.

"The scheming, greedy, ungrateful bitch" thought James, "She needs to be 'disappeared' before she starts divorce proceedings." he thought. He read more of her conversation about her dreams of a luxurious, James-free lifestyle with £60+ million of his hard earned wealth while getting fucked to oblivion by her new gigolo.

James texted "can u hit her asp" on the 'burner' phone to the only number in the contact list.

"We normally wait until 90%" came the reply.

"she also is screwing around and I want them both gone" replied James.

"OK cost is £5 million per person and we will setup a false trail suggesting they eloped." came the reply.

"Brilliant." thought James.

The plan was brilliant but would take a day or two to setup. Any police investigation would have to conclude that Sarah and her lover suddenly decided to elope and somehow vanished. There have to be an appropriate digital and paper trail to match. There would have to be a clear-out of clothes from draws, closets and cash from the safe and/or the ATM. Mobile phones would have to register with the correct cell towers. The only weak spot would be James, he would need to give a very convincing performance to the police officers who would be interviewing him. If James wasn't convincing there was a back-up plan for that.

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