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No Kidneys and two scars by Peter

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I knew that gave me about three days to live and I knew just the person to see about getting a new pair. He lived on the other side of the country and would certainly help ... but I had to get there first. I looked for my mobile phone and found it in the same tub. "Shit !. I can't call him so I'm gonna have to do this the hard way" I thought. I looked around the room for some clothes.

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I looked around the room for any clothing that would fit and not look too ridiculous. There was various colours of underwear strewn about the floor along with socks and one shoe, but nothing I could use. I looked in a wardrobe hoping to find a shirt and perhaps a pair of trousers. I pushed some dresses on hangers to the left and saw a small lever in the top right corner.

"What's this ?" I thought, forgetting I was still wet, cold and missing both kidneys.

I pushed the lever to see what might happen.

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