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Awake on a Rooftop by Peter

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Before I could turn away, she bit into the man's neck and blood spurted all over the bed. I heard the man scream and then stop as his head was swiftly removed from his body. "Shit !" I thought and ran along the rooftop as fast as one could wearing slippers. Behind me I heard the window break suggesting the weird alien woman was after me now.

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By Jason Black (UID:13)

I quickly realised that the weird alien woman could probably catch me because of her three muscular legs, so I came up with an alternative strategy if she caught up with me - which she did.

"Got you, Earth man !" she said in her best human sounding voice ... which made it even more frightening. "Now I'm going to eat you head first" she added. I decided it was time to invoke my new strategy.

"Wanna have sex, instead ?" I asked. Her four eyes widened with surprise.

"Oh ... OK" she agreed "Which one, left or right ?" she asked, parting her three legs exposing two vagina-like orifices.

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