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The Wife Disposal Service by Peter

Section 1 - "Chapter 1 - Problem"

"That greedy bitch !" said one of the men sitting in the back of a black Rolls-Royce Ghost speeding along the M2 towards London, "That greedy, gold-digging tart !" he continued.

"I told you what she was like. " replied the second man, "I told you to get a prenup and here we are !"

"Prenups don't always work, especially in the UK" retorted the first man.

The Rolls-Royce sped past Chatham and the two men continued. "You used to be quite into her !" said the second man.

"I was at first. Young women do have a certain beauty and energy about them that can be very intoxicating to old guys like us." said the first man.

"They sure do." the second man agreed "how much is she getting ?"

"Half ! my lawyers don't have a bloody clue ! ... what really pisses me off is that I create the wealth and that brain-dead barbie doll just turns it into a mountain of designer clothes. I bloody hate her now, I wish she would just disappear out of my life ! what can I do ?"

The second man had an idea but it was so horrific he kept it to himself.

"Should I get different lawyers ? would that help ?" asked the first man in frustration.

"Probably not." replied the second man.

"I should have let the stupid bitch die five years ago, it would have been so easy." said the first man.

"What happened five years ago ?" asked the second man.

"We were in Spain, long story short, she drank herself into a coma, I came in just in time, saw her on her back about to drown in her own vomit ... and like an idiot I rolled her on to her side and called an ambulance, what a wasted opportunity !!" said the first man with a disappointed tone.

The second man weighed up the pros and cons of telling the first man about his idea, "Just suppose you had another opportunity ?"

"Opportunity ??" exclaimed the first man.

"Yes, for her to disappear and you blameless" said the second man.

The first man slowly turned his head to the second man. "You mean ... it would solve a lot of problems ... but could it be traced back to me ?"

"There are ways to do this ... I need to think ... but if you're having this problem others must be too." said the second man "The legal system is becoming decidedly anti-male so this 'service' could be become very lucrative."

"You evil git ! are you seriously suggesting we setup ?" said the first man.

"No, nothing quite as obvious as that, " replied the second man " but yes !"

"OK, lets just sort my problem first !" said the first man "Who do you know that might be useful ?"

"I'll check when I get back but I know some guys who have been hacking car computer systems." replied the second man.

"What can you achieve by hacking car systems ?" asked the first man.

"Those guys invited me to a demo a while back and it made me very nervous." said the second man.

"So ... how does that help me ?" asked the first man.

"You'll see." said the second man.

The two men sat in silence as the Rolls-Royce sped to London.

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Alternative Section 2 - "Chapter 2 - Dry run"
By Peter (UID:1)

"Morning troops !" said DI (Detective Inspector) Don Hanson. They were police officers not troops but it was a phrase he heard his ex-army brother use many times and he kinda liked it. "So, Paul, what have we got ?"

"The normal stuff for a typical Friday night and a death on a level crossing." replied DS (Detective Sergeant) Paul Cooper.

"So, who is she ? What happened ?" asked DI Hanson.

"Well, she was driving over a level crossing and her engine stalled. About 30 seconds later a train hit the car killing her instantly" replied DS Cooper.

"OK" said DI Hanson, "Why didn't she get out the car, she had time ?"

"She couldn't," replied DS Cooper " it seems the doors were locked and she was unable to unlock them !"

DI Hanson took the report and sat down on a nearby chair. "This is very odd, the engine fails just as she drives over the crossing, the door locks conveniently jam at the same time as a train is coming !" he said.

"Oh it gets weirder, " said DS Cooper "She was about to divorce this hedge fund manager and take him for hundreds of millions of pounds !".

"How convenient ! ... any evidence tying him into this ?" asked DI Hanson hopefully.

"Not that we can see." said DS Cooper trying to imagine the chances of a car stalling on a level crossing and the door locks jamming at the same time.

DI Hanson got up, instructed his young officer to keep looking and went to his office.

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