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Confessions of a SEO Hit-man by Peter

Notes: Need to understand how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works along with Anti-SEO techniques.

Section 1 - "Horror on Page One"

The politician pulled his laptop towards him, opened the lid and did a search on Google. It was a weekly routine of his to Google his name and check that nothing untoward was there. He looked down to list of results, all looked fine until he got half way down. An article describing a quashed rape charge was right there. He had seen this article before but it was right out on page four of the results where no one was likely to look and now it was right in the centre of his online reputation. More worryingly the article had displaced another article describing his various charity contributions.

"Shit !" he thought as he dialled his web designer to see what had happened.

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By Peter (UID:1)

Nathan is a SEO Hit-man, his job is to move search results up or down according to his client's specifications. He had also see the politicians search results and smiled.

"Not too bad for a few days work" he thought. Weaponized SEO was a recent and very lucrative term. Normal SEO deals with pushing websites up the search results to get more traffic.

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