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No Kidneys and two scars by Peter

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Waiting for me at the back were three large men dressed in black suits. I tried to veer to the left but found my path blocked by two more large black suits. I tried right with the same result. I resigned myself to being bundled into a black SUV and disappeared.

"Hi" I said hoping my cheeriness would help my fate.

"Come with us" said one of the men in a black suit.

"Why ?" I asked, "What did I do ?"

I was grabbed by the other two and bundled into a black SUV.

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By John D Wood (UID:14)

"The prime minister would like a word" said one of the goons "She wants to know what you did with her liver !"

"I just borrowed it, I was going to return it ... honest" I gulped, hoping the refrigerated case had done it's job property. "Just take me home and I'll get it for you." I added.

One of the goons confirmed my address and turned the SUV around and drove to my house.

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