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The Wife Disposal Service by Peter

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Susan enjoyed spending time with Rachel as they had a lot in common, both loved shopping, going to the gym, fashion and complaining about their husbands, although in Rachel's case, ex-husband.

Susan knew divorce was a traumatic experience but once it was done, she could enjoy the high life, free from her boring husband, like Rachel had done. Her phone buzzed on the passenger seat with the arrival of a new message and she quickly looked down to read it. It was from Rachel telling her she was at the gym. Susan could see the level crossing and slowed down. Unknown to Susan, the spyware running in her iPhone had sent her location one last time before erasing it's self. Deep inside the car's computer a mysterious program woke up.

The barriers were up so she drove slowly over the crossing, just as she got half way across her engine stalled.

"Fuck !! stupid piece of crap" shouted Susan. She tried to re-start the engine with out success. The train driver could see a vehicle on the level crossing and blew the horn. The driver applied the brakes knowing there was no way to get 1000+ tones of train traveling at 70 MPH to stop in time.

Susan looked up, saw the approaching train and shrieked "SHIT !!".

A man rushed up to the Susan's car and tried to help her get out. At that instant the mysterious program fed continuous power to the electric door-locking motors.

"WHAT THE FUCK !!" screamed Susan as she pulled up the door lock only to have it go back down again. The man realised there was nothing he could do and leapt out of the way. She heard the horn, looked up, saw the front of the train and then saw nothing.

"Where are u" texted Rachel. Susan was rarely late for their gym-coffee-gossip sessions. Rachel completed her work-out, showered and drove straight home feeling a bit pissed-off. She parked by her flat, went inside and turned on the TV.

"... the lad said it wasn't him who fed laxative to the dog and he sure as hell wasn't going to pay to have the carpet cleaned. News has just come in of an accident involving a car on a level crossing. The female driver was killed and the train driver was seriously injured." said the newscaster.

Rachel looked up, the newscaster continued "We spoke to one man who tried to help the woman escape and he said that the door locks kept engaging and that's why the woman couldn't escape. We will give you more details when we get them. In other news ... "

Rachel was stunned. She picked up her phone and texted "where the fuck are u ???" to Susan, who couldn't reply because she was dead.

DI Hanson also saw the news report and was also stunned. Two cars stall on a level crossing and the drivers mysteriously can't get out. How is that even possible ?

"That job went well." said the second man in the Rolls-Royce.

"Did it fuck !!" replied the first man angrily "Train almost derails, driver in critical condition, injured passengers, news crews and the cops crawling all over the place. Total clusterfuck ! don't use the car-hack any more, it's just too improbable, the deaths must look natural or as misadventure. You don't need to do statistical analysis to realise this was deliberate. We need a more 'tailored' approach to this. Luckily for us the police are still stuck in the 1980s when it comes to computers so it's unlikely it would occur to them to look for malware in the car's computers ... although they might look on the phones." he continued.

"The software on the phones will self-erase on command. What do you mean by 'tailored' approach ?" enquired the second man.

"I mean that everyone has a weak point. Some have pacemakers and other electronic devices inside them, some have dangerous jobs, some do dangerous sports, some work with dangerous equipment, some take drugs and some are overweight. We also need more subtle ways of luring customers in. Try and tap into other categories and keywords. Have you found more locations for the units ?"

"Yes, I found some nice places." replied the second man.

The Rolls-Royce stopped, the two men got out and went inside to the Champagne reception being held inside.

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Alternative Section 6 - "Chapter 4 - Shopfront"
By Peter (UID:1)

It was the third time in a row that his wife had declined sex and James had counted many other times during the month when she had declined. He had read somewhere that when a woman declines sex it could mean she is falling out of love with her man ... and falling in love with another man, who will be getting the sex. He had bought some Viagra-like drugs a while back from Silk Road, a secure online shopping site for illegal items. It worked before so why not try again, he thought. He went quietly downstairs to the living room, lifted up the lid on the laptop. Because of its highly illegal nature, Silk Road could only be accessed via Tor to protect buyer and seller. He ran a special version of the Firefox web browser and started to look around the site.

DI (Detective Inspector) Don Hanson also couldn't sleep. He was in his living room surrounded by reports with his laptop near by. Cars stalling on level crossings was the stuff of horror movies and doors that couldn't be opened sounded like the work of a typical James Bond villain, he thought. He looked at a diagram of how a typical door locking mechanism works: mechanical and electronic. The mechanical part was so simple that failure was almost impossible and the report showed that the ones on the two cars were fine. The electronic part was a geared electric motor controlled by a small computer and the report showed that the motors on the two cars showed signs of heat damage consistent with running under extreme load possibly by forcing the door locks down.

"So .. that must be it." thought Don, "computer failure .... twice in as many months !! ". He made a note to speak to his friend, Greg who worked for an IT company and Susan's friend Rachel the next morning. He closed the lid of his laptop and went upstairs to bed.

James was still browsing Silk Road with a mix of curiosity and occasional revulsion. He was about to give up when he read "Is your wife about to divorce you ?"

"I don't think so." he thought.

A few lines down he read "Less sex could mean imminent divorce". The lack of sex was fresh in Jame's mind so he clicked the link and read about the discrete investigation service, installing spyware, network sniffers, malware, etc.

"That's a bit extreme !" he thought and clicked back to the listings. He scrolled down a bit further and read "Does your wife leave text messages unanswered in your presence"

"She sure does ... oh fuck !" thought James so he clicked the link and read about the subtle (and not so subtle) signs of a cheating wife, the probability that she would instigate divorce proceedings and how much she would be likely to get in the divorce. It was written by the same people who wrote the first entries.

The listing invited readers to leave a message, James accepted and went back to bed.

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