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Awake on a Rooftop - It felt very cold so I opened my eyes and saw the night sky. I saw rooftops and to my horror I saw I was laying on top of a roof wearing a dressing gown and slippers. On my wrist was a large watch-like object Peter 92 View
Confessions of a SEO Hit-man - The politician opened his laptop and began to type. It was his weekly routine to Google his name and check that nothing untoward was there Peter 22 View
elude - Urban Escape and Evasion - Jake was hanging with his mates in the pub when he got a text. He looked down at his mobile swordfish 52 View
No Kidneys and two scars - You wake up in a tub of ice with two incisions on your back and a note that reads: Why don't you have any kidneys ! what the hell are you Peter 130 View
The Wealth Protection Service - Detective Inspector Don Hanson is investigating a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances of several divorced men and women Peter 32 View
The Wife Disposal Service - Detective Inspector Don Hanson is investigating the mysterious deaths of several married women, all secretly planning to divorce Peter 306 View
An airliner carrying long-dead passengers - A pilot leaves his co-pilot in control and goes to check on his passengers. To his horror he sees long-dead corpses super~x 63 View
The Hitch-Hikers Guide to Time Travel - Orbiting this star at about 90 million miles is a blue-green planet who's reptile-descendant life-forms have a serious problem - they are supposed to be descended from apes Peter 22 View
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