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Awake on a Rooftop by Peter

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I looked at the watch and there was a message scrolling across the tiny screen. "About time, I have been trying to get hold of you !" said the message. I looked on the watch to see if there was some kind of keyboard in which I could respond to the message. I touched the screen and it said "Speak to type message". "Hello, who is this " I asked and my words appeared in huge letters in front of me in the form of a hologram.

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By Charles Chauhan (UID:15)

"Oh I see ! it's speech-to-text" I said with pleasant surprise quickly followed by irritation as my words appeared in big, holographic text in front of my face.

"Oh shit, how do I turn this stupid thing off" I said with increasing irritation as the words "Oh shit, how do I turn this stupid thing off" appeared in front of my face in huge letters.

A voice behind me said "May I ?" and I looked around.

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