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elude - Urban Escape and Evasion by swordfish

Notes: Jake = Fox

Section 1 - "Game On"

Jake was hanging with his mates in the pub when he got a text. He looked down at his mobile. "Oh shit ! - gotta go guys" he said as he downed his pint.

"Where are you going ?"asked one of his friends.

"I could tell you " Jake replied "... but then I would have to kill you !"

"OK just cause you've seen Top Gun three million times !!"

"Actually, it's only one million times, don't exaggerate !!" Jake smiled.

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Alternative Section 2
By swordfish (UID:12)

There was a screech outside the pub and a Porsche stopped just outside the pub main doors. A women got out and made her way to the pub door.

"Don't touch the car - dickheads !" she shouted to the male onlookers. She made straight for Jake and lifted up her shades.

"Ready ?" she asked.

"Sure am." Jake replied.

"I am too !" said one of Jake's uncool friends.

"I seriously doubt that" said the women in a sarcastic tone.

They both left the pub, jumped into the Porsche and drove away.

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Alternative Section 2
By swordfish (UID:12)

Jake went to leave.

"Where the hell are you going ?" enquired one of his friends.

"On a secret mission" said Jake knowing full well that nobody would believe him.

"What a dick-head" said one friend.

With that Jake left the pub

"Should we follow him ?" said another friend.

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Alternative Section 2
By Jason Black (UID:13)

Jake drove to the airfield, walked across the tarmac and jumped into a waiting Harrier jump-jet and tried to start it. He looked all over the jet but couldn't see where to put the ignition key !

"Freeze" said a very angry soldier pointing an assault rifle into his face. "Get out now"

"OK" said Jake as he undid the straps and climbed out.

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