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I'm a cross between Batman and Zaphod Beeblebrox - I hang upside down with two heads

"IT WORKS !!" he cried "Finally, after all these years, it works". He rushed back in to the cockpit. "It works" said the captain "We all left Heathrow airport at 09:35, cockpit time is 11:30 but ...View
The co-pilot pulled a small device out of his pocket and pressed some keys. "STOP !" said the captain "You're doing it wrong !, that will return the passengers to normal time but age us ...View
A captain leaves his co-pilot in control of the aircraft and goes to check on his passengers. To his horror he sees corpses sitting in the passenger seats, some are almost skeletons ...View
There was a loud click and the rear of the wardrobe pushed back. I looked through to see a corridor stretching left and right ...View

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