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An airliner carrying long-dead passengers by super~x

Section 1

A captain leaves his co-pilot in control of the aircraft and goes to check on his passengers. To his horror he sees corpses sitting in the passenger seats, some are almost skeletons.

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By Peter (UID:1)

"Jesus Christ !, What the hell happened here ?" said the captain.

He walked down the aisle hoping to find just one passenger who could be alive. He goes back to the cockpit and tells the co-pilot about the long-dead people in the back.

"They're all dead" said the captain in disbelief "How could they all die and how come some are just skeletons ?" he added "We've only been in the air for two hours !"

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Alternative Section 2
By Broo-Z (UID:10)

"Jesus Christ" said the captain angrily. He returned to the cockpit and spoke to the co-pilot.

"You were only supposed to lightly kill them - not skeletonise them !"

"Sorry" said the co-pilot "I'm not used to the controls on this."

"Well some still have a bit of meat on them, so our journey wasn't a total waste" said the captain "Is every thing ready ?"

"Yes" said the co-pilot "The bodies will get beamed-off, and I will initiate a fuel tank explosion when we leave."

"OK, thats good but ensure we do it over the ocean - The humans can not be allowed to learn that there weren't any bodies on their primitive flying machine."

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Alternative Section 2
By super~x (UID:11)

"IT WORKS !!" he cried "Finally, after all these years, it works". He rushed back in to the cockpit.

"It works" said the captain "We all left Heathrow airport at 09:35, cockpit time is 11:30 but the passenger time is about 15 years into the future"

"So ... time displacement is now a thing !" said the co-pilot "We can age an area of our choosing by any amount of time"

"We sure can" said the captain "OK, put the passengers to normal time"

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