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There was a screech outside the pub and a Porsche stopped just outside the pub main doors. A women got out and made her way to the pub door ...View
Jake was hanging with his mates in the pub when he got a text. He looked down at his mobile. "Oh shit ! - gotta go guys" he said as he downed his pint ...View
Jake went to leave. "Where the hell are you going ?" enquired one of his friends. "On a secret mission" said Jake knowing full well that nobody would believe him ...View
The two men were on the ferry going from Cows, Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and then on to pick up the Rolls-Royce, which had been driven there earlier by Keith ...View
"It must have been that weird green thunderstorm we flew through a while back. I read a while back that they can affect time on any metallic body near by" said the co-pilot ...View

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