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By day I'm a normal person doing a normal desk job, by night I'm a bit weird ...

"Jesus Christ" said the captain angrily. He returned to the cockpit and spoke to the co-pilot. "You were only supposed to lightly kill them - not skeletonise them !" "Sorry" said the co-pilot ...View
Unsurprisingly the panel pushed back and I walked through it. Rather surprisingly I felt more clothing. "Was this another section of the wardrobe ?" I thought. No it wasn't ...View
I looked around the room for any clothing that would fit and not look too ridiculous. There was various colours of underwear strewn about the floor along with socks and one shoe, but nothing I could ...View
Then the man looked up, saw me peering through the window and yelled "Hey ! what's your problem pal !" he jumped up from the bed, pushing the weird women to the floor, and ran to the window ...View

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